It’s Official – $15 Congestion Tax

New York Gives Jersey the ‘Doormat’ Treatment

NJ Still Fighting Against NYC Congestion Tax

Congestion Tax in NYC Nothing More than a Cash Grab

Feds Approve NYC Congestion Tax – NJ Lawmakers Outraged

NJ Gov. Murphy to Explore All Legal Options to Fight Congestion Tax Approval

NJ Vows to Fight Approval of NYC Congestion Tax

Congestion Tax Clears Final Hurdle as Feds Signoff on Plan

Congestion Tax Gets Final Approval from Federal Government

NJ Bridge and Tunnel Drivers Might be Exempt from Exemption Tax

Exemption for NJ on Congestion Tax?

Gov. Murphy: Congestion Pricing Flawed, Will Cause Spike in NJ Pollution

Gov. Murphy Questions Impact of Congestion Pricing on Residents

Congestion Pricing: Is Your City Next?

Sen. Menendez, Rep. Gottheimer Push for Closer Look at Congestion Environmental Impact

NJ Calls asks Feds for a Time Out on Congestion Pricing

Gov Murphy says Less Congestion, No Congestion Tax – Move Your Business to NJ

NJ Rep. Mikie Sherill Calls on NY to Cancel Congestion Pricing

Gov. Murphy: Congestion Pricing an ‘Excuse to not be in Manhattan’

Bi-Partisan Effort to Fight Congestion Tax

Congestion Tax: Port Authority Projects in Danger

Congestion Pricing’s Hidden Tax

Congestion Tax Delayed Again – MTA Still a Money Pit

MTA: Doesn’t Need Congestion Cash Yet

More Waste: Boost Payroll Tax to Fund the MTA?

Can Congress Stop the MTA Money Pit?

NY Wants More Money for the MTA

NJ Tax Credit, Defund the MTA

Democrats and Republicans Fight to Stop Congestion Pricing

National, Bipartisan Effort to Sink NY’s Congestion Pricing Plan

Federal Lawmakers Announce New Legislation to Fight Congestion pricing

Rampant Waste at the MTA

Report: Congestion Pricing Would Harm People of Color

London: Still the Most Congested City

Gov. Murphy asks Pres. Biden for Full Review on Congestion Tax

Gov. Murphy Asks Feds to Slow NYC’s Congestion Tax Plan

MTA Says Congestion Tax Could Be Pushed Back Again

Congestion Tax Faces More Criticism

NYC Mayor: City Being Railroaded into Congestion Tax By Gov. Hochul

NYC Garage Owners Warn About Congestion Tax

Congestion Tax “a Scam”

Congestion Tax “a Disaster Wating to Happen”

Congestion Tax Makes Bronx Air Dirtier

Lawmakers Concerned over Congestion Tax Environmental Impact

NJ Lawmaker Blasts Congestion Tax Plan

Congestion Tax Threatens NYC Recover

Congestion Tax Overwhelmingly Oppoes in Public Comments

Gov. Murphy: Congestion Tax Can’t Burden NJ Taxpayers

Congestion Plan “Unjust Taxation”

NJ Slams Congestion Tax, Urges Residents to Speak Out

Congestion Pricing Plan ‘Insane’

Protests Over Congestion Pricing Plan

MTA Congestion Tax Hits NJ Like ‘Sitting Ducks’

Drivers, Businesses Strongly Oppose Congestion Tax

Does MTA stand for ATM?

Meadowlands Chamber Letter: Congestion Tax Treats NJ Like ‘Sitting Ducks’

Critics of MTA’s Congestion Tax Slam MTA

Outrage Over Congestion Tax at MTA Hearing

MTA Gets Blasted During Congestion Tax Hearing

Seven-Hour Hearing, Still a Cash Grab by the MTA

400 People Sign Up for Hearing, 81 Speak

A Double Tax for NJ Residents

Congestion Tax Would Devastate Small Business, Drive Consumer Prices Higher

NY’s Congestion Plan Needs Fixing

Border War Over Congestion Pricing

Gov. Murphy on Congestion Pricing: “It’s Not Going to Happen”

NJ & NY Lawmakers Join Forces

Congress: Audit the MTA

NJ Will Fight Congestion Tax

MTA Eyes Tolls up to $23

Details of MTA’s Congestion Tax Released

‘Stay in New Jersey’ Plan Announced

Murphy: NJ Will Not be Double Taxed

MTA Congestion Tax Board Members Named – all from New York

Defund Congestion Pricing

MTA ‘Answers’ Fed’s 400 Questions on Congestion Tax

NYC’S Congestion Tax Hits Federal Speed Bump

Gov. Hochul says Congestion Tax is Delayed

MTA: Feds ‘Technical’ Questions are Delaying Congestion Tax

London’s Congestion Pricing is a Disaster, But NYC Won’t Listen

Congestion Pricing: Scheduled for “End of 2023”

Suburban Workers May Never Return to NYC Offices

Traffic in Outer Boroughs Explodes, Leaving Questions for Congestion Pricing Plan

Inspector General: MTA Not Ready for a Surge in Toll Complaints

Dysfunctional NY: Outgoing NYC Mayor De Blasio blasts Gov. Hochul on Congestion Pricing

MTA Gets Earful on Congestion Pricing

NY State Comptroller: Midtown & Downtown Manhattan Rebound Will Take Years

NYC Office Vacancy Rate at 30-Year High

NJ Readies for War over NY’s Congestion Pricing Scheme

NJ Commuters Vow to Fight Congestion Scheme

Fair Congestion Fights For NJ

Gov. Murphy Threatens NUKE Option over Congestion Pricing

Congestion Pricing Will Force Workers out of Manhattan

Even NY State Drivers want Exemptions

Wealthy Manhattanites Want Exemptions

Murphy threatens ‘nuclear option’ on congestion pricing

NJ Launches Opposition to NY Congestion Pricing

Fair Congestion Pricing Alliance Fights NY Congestion Pricing

The Case Against Congestion Pricing

Just an Attempt to Mooch Off of New Jersey

NJ Groups Against NYC Congestion Pricing Plans

NJ Groups Object to NY Congestion Pricing

NY Hears from NJ on Congestion Pricing

NJ Residents Speak Out against NY Congestion Pricing

New Jersey Deserves its Fair Share of MTA Congestion Money

Congestion Pricing Unfair for Drivers

Public Hearings Set for Congestion Pricing

NJ Lawmaker Demands Answers from Gov. Hochul

Congestion Plan Delayed, Again

NYC’s Recovery Falters

Congestion Pricing May Never See the Light of Day

Gov. Cuomo Resigns, Now is Not the Time for Congestion Pricing

Exempt NJ Drivers from Congestion Tax

Anti-Congestion Legislation Announced

Gov. Cuomo Helped Fuel Dysfunction at MTA

NJ Lawmakers Fight to Stop Congestion Pricing

Even New Yorkers Know Congestion Pricing is a Shell Game


Menendez says NJ ready to take on NY over congestion pricing


NJ’s unified front on congestion pricing


NY Wants More than its Fair Share


MTA Finance Chief says MTA is fine without congestion pricing funds


Federal Government requires NY’s MTA to include NJ on congestion pricing


NY Wants Even More Federal Funding – Grabbing It Away From NJ & CT

NY office vacancies soar, congestion pricing will only make it worse

MTA mess: Subway worker shortage, delays pile up

MTA to become leaderless

Lawmakers Demand Federal Review of NYC Congestion Pricing Plan

Congestion pricing may be coming to NY. What’s the impact on NJ?

As the city looks to lure back visitors, it’s not the right time for congestion pricing

New Jersey Ready to Fight NYC Congestion Pricing plan

Driving downtown? Get ready to pay extra

New tolls into NYC to cost NJ drivers $3K more a year. Lawmakers call it ‘a sick joke.’

Transportation experts suggest putting brakes on congestion pricing plan

Let’s pump the brakes on congestion pricing

Federal Government Fast-Tracks Environmental Study for NYC Congestion Plan

NY Congresswoman: Need Economic Study on Congestion Pricing Plan

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