“We want to be at the table. We want to make sure we’re not getting double taxed or double tolled, and frankly, if there’s revenue that’s generated, we want a piece of that in New Jersey because that would be part of the deal.”

NJ Governor Phil Murphy

“That’s equivalent, on average, of a new tax of up to $3,000 on every New Jersey commuter, in addition to the nearly $4,000 they already pay every year to cross the bridge. It’s some sort of sick joke to do this to families in the middle of a pandemic. Jersey commuters shouldn’t be responsible for bailing out the MTA for their mismanagement, their failings, and they want us to stand in and bail them out. I don’t think so…If New York is going to attack our wallets, if they are going to attack our own families, we will give them a taste of their own medicine.”

U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer

“This is an extra tax on our drivers. That’s exactly how we’re going to look at it. This proposed congestion pricing scheme is a bridge too far. New Jersey must get a say in the matter.”

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell

“New Jersey has enjoyed a strong relationship with New York for years. But congestion pricing runs completely counter to our record of working together. Congressman Gottheimer and Senator Lagana are looking out for the needs, and the wallets, of their constituents with this proposal. We will take any action needed to fight the double standard being imposed on our residents by this unfair policy.”

Former NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney

“We need a unified front from all our federal officials, U.S. Senate, Congress, joined by all of our leaders of our state. More than once over the last several years we had to remind Governor Cuomo that this is a big workforce that goes into New York and provides an educated, and talented workforce and pays taxes to New York. It was set up in such a way that, in particular, North Jersey, will have to pay a certain amount in congestion pricing that other people who commute in car and other ways won’t have to pay. It is not a fair system.”

Former NJ Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg

“When you increase the cost of commuting to Manhattan, living and owning a home in New Jersey not only becomes more expensive but less attractive of an investment, most of our homeowner’s equity is in their home, and ill-conceived plans like this are hatched without any input from all communities involved, you can bet that there is going to be a lot of opposition on our side of the Hudson River.”

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Tom Bracken

“We simply cannot expect a robust recovery and a return to in-person work to be successful if workers needed in New York City are being penalized simply for going to their jobs. New Jersey is not New York City’s piggy bank.”

NJ State Senator Joe Lagana

“We should not be used to fund the MTA.”

NJ Assemblyman Christopher Tully

“Implementing congestion pricing at this moment in time, is remarkably ill conceived and would add significantly to the already rising cost of goods from NJ based vendors servicing NYC operations. This is no way to help rebuild the regional economy as we emerge from the pandemic.”

Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Jim Kirkos

“In the long history of being shortsheeted by New York City, the Congestion Pricing Scheme is the all-time leading example of a money grab – digging into the pockets of honest hardworking New Jersians who not are not only vital to Manhattan’s workforce, but who also already pay New York State Income Taxes. This is a shakedown pure and simple. New Jersey gets nothing in return.”

Axiom Communications President Ron Simoncini

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